Standard Detergents International Limited is a fully registered and recognized company by the government of Uganda. We deal in Detergent products and Cleaning oriented services among these include: Cleaning Building, Apartments, Outside Glasses, Catena walls , Compounds, swimming pools, Fumigation, We have Cleaning machines, well skilled cleaners, repair cleaning machines and other cleaning services, among our detergent Products include: Liquid soap, Bathing soap, Petroleum jerry, Hair shampoo, Bar soap and Powder Soap. With our vision to provide Quality services international we offer excellent services to ensure customer satisfaction. Sdil is a Trustworthy enthusiastic company with working experience, committed and skilled personnel.

Our Mission
“To create jobs and fight poverty against Youth”
Our Vision
“To provide quality Services International”.
Our Objectives
• To create and fight poverty against youths.
• To provide Quality cleaning services to our clients.
• To provide standard detergent products to improve on peoples cleanliness and Health.
• To teach youth how to make detergent Products and how to do various cleaning services.
Our Values
• God First: Because for every step we take we count on God.
• Excellency: Leaving no room for incompetent service deliver
• Integrity: Delivering as required by the client:
• Accountability: Personal staff accountability to deliver as required.
• Passion: With great passion to do every work entrusted with us.
• Time: Delivering in the required time.